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The legal entity (JESUS IS LORD & JERRELINE MINISTRIES) is a Christian organisation in the Netherlands and processes personal data for the purpose of "Being a Christian organisation". The focus of "Being a Christian organisation" is to form a community by looking out for and engaging with each other. The main rule when using personal data is: care and restraint. Because we attach great importance to fulfilling these concepts, organisational and technical measures have been taken in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).

Personal data we process
Personal data means any information about an identifiable individual. The personal data we process may include:
First name and surname
Address details
Email address
(Mobile) Phone number
Date of birth
Various special personal data needed to implement "Being a Christian organisation"

  1. Members
    The personal data you provide to us in writing or digitally are included in our digital and analogue membership records. In addition, we have several other digital or analogue administrations. These include financial records, but also notes of conversations of a pastoral and/or diaconal nature. Care and restraint apply to all these data.
  2. Non-members
    The personal data you provide to us in writing or digitally are included in our digital and analogue membership records under the category "guests". In addition, we have several other digital or analogue administrations. These include financial records, but also notes of conversations of a pastoral and/or diaconal nature. Care and restraint apply to all these data.

Appropriate measures have been taken to secure your personal data against misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure or any form of unlawful processing. In doing so, the greatest possible accuracy is sought and the state of the art, the cost of effective implementation, the nature of the data and the risks of data processing are taken into account. A processor agreement complying with the requirements of the AVG has been concluded with the processor of the personal data (including the automation company). For analogue data, it is stored securely by the processor via a lock on a cabinet.

By providing personal data in writing or digitally, you consent to their being used within JESUS IS LORD AND JERRELINE MINISTRIES. For minors, this is done by the person who has parental responsibility for the minor.

Purpose of processing
Personal data are used solely for the purpose for which they are made available, i.e. being a church in all its aspects. This means, among other things, that these data are used for administration, to draw attention to (special) meetings, to promote mutual involvement and so on. This will only be deviated from if there is a legal obligation.

Sharing personal data with third parties
Data will only be provided to third parties if necessary for the performance of an agreement with the data subject or to comply with a legal obligation. In all other cases, consent will be requested.

Personal data leadership
The personal data of church members belonging to the leadership will be posted on the website (only) when useful/necessary for the performance of the task/function performed by him or her.

The posting of photos on the website is handled with care. If persons are recognisable, permission is requested in advance. For minors, this permission must be given by the person with parental responsibility up to the age of 15. From the age of 16, minors must give their own consent.

Recording meetings
The sermons delivered during the meetings are published on the website.

If you object to a photo on the website in which you are recognisably in the picture, please make this known by sending an e-mail to The photo in question will then be removed from the website as soon as possible, no later than one month after receipt of the request.

Change and delete
It is always possible to change data that is wrong. Your personal data can also be deleted by written request. Termination of membership should also be done in writing. For non-members, having personal data deleted is considered as not wanting to be involved in "being a Christian organisation" anymore. For both members and non-members it means that they can still participate in the Sunday meetings, but not in other congregational activities.
Changes and deletion of personal data can be sent to

When registering for a church activity, you may be asked for your name, your email address and possibly other additional data, among other things. This data will be used exclusively for that activity.

Retention period
Personal data will not be kept longer than necessary to fulfil the purposes for which your data is collected or to comply with a legal obligation.

Website and cookies
During your visit to the website, cookies, a small invisible text file sent to your internet browser, collect some information about your computer's hardware and software. This includes your IP address, browser type, domain name and access time. This information is used to improve the website. This data is recorded by most websites and remains anonymous. You can set your internet browser to stop storing cookies. In addition, you can also delete any information previously stored via your browser's settings. The data you enter on the contact form will be forwarded to our e-mail address

Data breach
A data breach is recorded and serious data breaches are reported to the national regulator, the Personal Data Authority. This can be done via the following link:

If a situation arises that you would like to discuss with or submit to the AVG contact person. Please do not hesitate. If you cannot resolve the matter with him/her, you can contact the Personal Data Authority. You can reach this body via

Amendments to the Privacy Statement
The text of this Privacy Statement may be amended at any time, without prior notice. The amendments will take effect from the moment they are published on the website.

Information and contact
For questions, comments or complaints about the processing of your personal data, please contact one of our board members or let us know at

Contact details:
Jesusislord & Jerreline Ministries
Oosteleestraat 46, 3555 GT Utrecht


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Exclusion of liability
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